Monday, October 3, 2011

Throb, Throb, Throb

With every pulse that I can feel, I also feel this dull headache throb in my ankle. Even when I'm sitting down, I can just feel it throbbing away at me. Iv been treating it everyday and it seemed to be progressing. Maybe my runs during the week didn't help. Maybe they where a bit too much. Maybe I should have left it alone for a while, and be patient. I should really listen to my own advice. But you always see fat Doctors, who smoke. I'm not saying I'm a doctor, I'm saying people in their own profession don't listen to their own advice. I think there is a plumber analogy also. Plumber have dripping taps?? I would imagine that's how it goes.
I have a race in less then two weeks. I will run it either way but just won't do as good in it. I can't even keep fit by cycling because it hurts my ankle. I'm left doing core work. Yippee. With the absence of running, I can not sleep. I'm awake until 2:30 3:00 at night but I also wake up around 10:30. I don't really book people in until 11 anyway because of this. Normally I work until 9 at night so starting work at 9 in the morning would be horrible. There are days where I start at 9 have a 2-3 hour lunch and then work til 9 at night. Long days but it doesn't seem like work.
I'm working with Asics tomorrow. Giving a talk on the most common running injuries, then coaching staff from Elverys. It's normally a good laugh watching people who have never hurdled before to then racing over hurdles. It's a very technical sport. One which I would hate to do!!!

The "video" in the previous post didn't really work. So I'm still confused as to how to upload a video. Once I find out then yous will all be in trouble. I will be taking you on runs, and also videos on my PFTs. If the technician allows me!!!
My chest has been good until Friday when it started to lash rain. Rain creates dampness, dampness leads to mucus. Have you ever figured out why when it's damp out that CF'ers always cough? When you go away, do you cough up as much. Ireland is one of the most damp countries on the planet. This has nothing to do with why Ireland has the highest rate of CF in the world per capita. It's a genetic disease, so it doesnt matter where younare born to have CF, but living in Ireland doesn't help either. This is all Chinese Medicine.
Tea is becoming more popular over the last few years. As in herbal teas and infusions. What tea would be good for sinus and phlegm? Thyme is a very good tea for this. So I found out anyway. Iv no proof on it but I felt less congested after it. It was actually a thyme and root marshmallow tea. That doesn't sound right and there wasn't marshmallows in my tea like it was hot chocolate. I think it was called sweet marshmallow or something. I'm sure Mr.Google will tell you.

There is also a shop in Rathmines/Portabello that does amazing teas. It's near the bank at the corner of Rathmines at the north side of the Canal. It also does Sushi, which is made from a Korean women with a strong Dublin accent in certain words that she says. She's very funny. You can choose from I'd say nearly 100 teas. The smell of the place is lovely. It's called Wall & Keogh. The link is below.

Well that's enough of giving companies some advertising.

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