Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chest Infection Update

I still haven't heard back from the sputum I dropped in last Friday. Mind you I got the letter of notice of how much it is in the post today. €25. JOKE!!! I will ring tomorrow to find out what sort of infection I had.
When I say "had" I mean past tense. Obviously. It's gone. Don't ask me how I got rid of it. Well actually do ask me. I will tell you now anyway.
Every 4 hours I took my Ventolin Neb. Twice to three times a day I took Saline. I went on 3 days of Zythromax which didnt seem to do much. I cut down on the amount of miles I was running a day and the intensity. I'm not sure if I should have done that. I think if I kept on running it wouldn't have made a difference. I used the Pep mask every hour that I could. It probably looked a bit manic. I used to until I couldn't get anything else up. It was normally 20-30 minutes a time, for around 7 times a day. I used to do my pep while I was driving. It got my really pissed off with my chest and constantly feeling that i had something to get up.
If a person reading this who doesn't have CF. You would probably just let the course of the infection go.But with CF, we have to make sure we stay on top of it, and make sure it won't get any worse. Because if it does then we are in trouble.
On top of all that I used acupuncture. I also used a syrup called "nin jiom pei pa koa". It's Chinese. It tastes lovely and has an immediate effect on the lung or sore throat. It doesn't make you cough. It calms it down and opens the air ways. I know some people might be sceptical of the treatments in this paragraph. But if I didn't think it was doing any good then I would tell you about it, or bother taking it myself. You can get it from www.amazon.com. I nor ally get it from the Asian food markets. It's around €7.

So iv ran for the last 4 days in a row. First run was 48minutes, then 38, 31, 40. I ran up at the Hill of Tara today. The hills around there are crazy and it's a tests of the best of fitness, never mind very small fitness. I missed 4 weeks because of my ankle, and now nearly 2 weeks because of this stupid infection. To be honest I actually can't remember when I had to stop running because of my chest, or the last time I got a bad infection. This probably isn't even bad in term of CF, but it was bad for me. It extremely annoyed me. So my fitness isn't great at the moment, but I can't change what just happened. Start over again, rebuild back up, and get ready to race sometime in the new year.


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