Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Salty Clothes???

Recently, I have found salt deposits on my clothes during and after my run. This started maybe last week? I look down to my cloves and between my joints and also beside my knuckles had a White covering. That was the start of it. During my long run on Sunday, I felt grand. Didn't feel tired, but after the run my tight were covered in White salty dust.
If your reading this for the first time and don't know much about CF, then here is why it could be a "normal" thing for CF. We can not retain salt. Actually the salt transport is one of the reasons that effects us so much. The sodium in the cells.......It's takes long to explain so I'm not going to bore you with it. So it is normal for people with CF to lose more salt in our sweat. A funny story, and how Doctors were able to do a first diagnosis on a patient with CF is to kiss them. If the baby tastes salty then he has CF, and further tests were carried out. So the saying "beware of the child with the salty brow" became popular. Like we are a creation of the Devil.
Back to the salt. This is another reason as when it's very hot out I can't really run for long at a hard pace. Iv only noticed this recently also. But to affect my clothes and to visually be able too see it is also weird. If it was harmful then I wouldnt be able to finish a 15 mile run, like I did on Sunday. And if I did finish it if and was salt depletion then I would be in bits afterwards. Muscle cramps, and dehydration. None of this happened. So it's very confusing.
About my running. I have ran nearly 3 weeks without a break. I ran 65 miles last week and 70 this week. This is what my week from last wednesday to now was.

Wednesday - 8 miles easy
Thursday - 10 miles steady enough
Friday - 8 miles easy (foot was killing me)
Saturday - 9 miles
Sunday 15 miles
Monday - 10 miles (last 3 miles we picked it up)
Tuesday - 8 miles easy
Wednesday - 10 miles steady (a fast steady)

My lungs felt a bit phlegmy today for an odd reason. I just woke up like that. The only thing I can think of is that I'm doing more mileage so my lungs need to get used to it. It's good that it's coming out rather then staying in my lungs!!!!!!!!!

I know some people complain about the HSE, and up until now I had no dealing with them. They are said to be slow and dont give out stuff at ease to people who really need it. Last month, the CF nurse in Beaumont contacted them because I needed a new nebuliser. Again, if you don't know much about CF. A Nebuliser is a machine that turns liquid medication into a sort of vapour so we can breath it into our lungs. I need to take it for Hypertonic Saline, and Ventolin when I have a race. Saline is salt. It breaks down the mucus that is stuck in our lungs (if we have any). It's also a anti inflammatory and a natural cleanser. Very useful.
Anyway. The HSE. They new Neb came within a month. A new Eflow. I was very excited about this. I felt like such a geek. Ripping open the box to see how this new Neb works. As you can see in the picture, it's tiny, my other one weighs 5kg or a but more. It's annoying for bringing away with me. It also makes a loud noise like "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" for the duration of use. The new Neb doesn't even make a noise. NOTHING!!!! All in all, I'm a happy bunny with my new toy!!



  1. Hiya mate. It's probably an idea to take some salt tablets (sodium chloride) after you go running to replace the lost salt - you can get these on prescription - check with the doctors how much you need

  2. I take a few teaspoons of salt in a drink after a run, or more on a hot day where I sweat more.
    I have my 3 monthly check up soon so I will run it by the Prof then.