Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tavel PFT Unit

This is a good idea, but it has it's drawbacks. I.E if you get obsessed about it, and try using it every day. Blowing too much/too hard repeatedly can cause harm. But it can be useful. Knowing if you PFTs are down (Pulmonary Function Test) you can then go to the hospital. Instead of going to hospital you can do it at home. The less time in hospital the better. Even if it's for a short time.
It's $219 which isn't actually that bad considering. I doubt the HSE would cover that!!!!
Obviously you need to be able to read a PFT amd know what figures are good in terms of FEV and FEV1% etc. the CF team might bring you up to speed on this, so you can use it at home.

If you have one of these can you let me know, and how do you find it.



  1. Hi Evan. Thanks for posting about Spiro PD! I am a patient education specialist with PMD Healthcare and I thought I'd comment and let you know that Spiro PD has an intuitive color touchscreen that enables you to view your lung function measurements as well as your percent predicted and a corresponding color coded severity level. So even if you aren't sure exactly where your range should be, it lets you see the severity of your condition at a glance with the color codes. You can also upload the information to your computer and email it to your doctor. At PMD Healthcare, we offer free live webinars designed to empower and educate people with lung disease. All are welcome!

  2. Sounds very good. Any chance of a free one for giving you publicity!!!!! :)