Sunday, March 18, 2012

Manchester Stag - Day 2

Day 2 - Old Trafford Tour
I woke up at 8 a.m today, ready to go on a run. I did a 45 minute run, and then went to the gym to do strength work.
The funny thing about me going running in a strange place is that I always end up in the worst area of the place. In London, I ended up in Brixton (it's not a nice place). I didn't really notice if it was that bad or not, but I was in small, skin tight shorts, with everyone cheering me on. Only after a while did I realise I was the only white person there, which didn't bother me. I just thought it was funny.
So on my run today, I don't know what the place is called but I ended up in the worst looking area in Manchester.
Went I went into the gym, I was asked "What's the purpose of the visit?". What is my purpose? What is anyone's purpose of going to the gym? To exercise!!!! 
Got some nice breakfast, and then went shopping quickly before going to Old Trafford.  I have little interest in football, but seem to know a good bit about it. Mainly because my family and girlfriend are football fanatics. I must absorb the information subconsciously.
The tour of the stadium was actually good. It went on for ages but didn't realise it at the time. While I was in the treatment rooms, I managed to pick up a nice souvenir. You can see in the picture. It's strapping that was used during the match against Athletico Bilbao last Thursday. Kinda cool.
We went back to Manchester city after that and walked around for a while, before going back to our rooms to relax before heading out later that night. a sleep was in order.
We went to Rio Ferdinands restaurant called Rosso. The food was nice, but if it wasn't for Rio Ferdinands name, then it probably wouldn't be as busy. After dinner I tested out the ginger mojito from Rosso's. It wasn't as nice as Jamie Oliver's but it was a good attempt. 

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