Thursday, April 19, 2012

Training Widget

See the training widget over on the right side...well I don't use it. I should really use it. It just shows what sort of training I'm going daily. I will make more of an effort. I was getting a blood test today, and a sputum. I couldn't get a sputum up. Could this be the CF version of impedancy?? Not getting a sputum up. (obviously I'm joking here, so not emails saying I said something wrong blah blah blah) Anyway, when I was getting my blood taken, she used a silicone tourniquet instead of the reusable fabric. She said she only uses it on people who have chronic diseases etc. it's such a simple idea, and it's funny how it has only been brought out now. Funny thing is, she used the fabric version first, then changed her mind. The damage was probably already done, if any damage was to occur. Another thing that was funny, but it's not that funny, is that the last time I was "recorded" as getting a blood test was 20/05/2011. Unreal. I get my bloods and sputum done every 3 months. They have no record of me visiting in the last year, and this is in the private part of Beaumont. What do they be typing while I'm waiting? Updating their twitter accounts?!?! They are, however, very good at their job and can insert a needle like it was a knife through butter. I had to spend ages trying to get a sputum (a sputum is a sample of phlegm into a jar). It was a joke of a sample, but I think it's good that I can't get anything up. Back to the "mild cases of CF" topic for a second. I am going to see Prof on Monday and I will ask what level do I have or how bad is it, if I wasn't running etc. Just to put my mind at rest, and everyone else that asks me. I have good news awaiting and hopefully I can share it with you in the next coming weeks. Fingers crossed. Adios


  1. Evan what's your water intake like I drink loads of the stuff between 2-2.5 litres a day and it has done wonders for my health

  2. I actually don't really drink water. I drink a lot of fluid, but not much of just water, maybe a litre, which isn't enough for the level of activity I do. I doubt I even drink a litre most days.