Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Favourite Gadget

Say hello to my little friend!!
As you can see, my last reading says 2.3. Roughly the same time every day it goes down, sorry, plummets down. I have my breakfast - 2 Wheetabix, whole meal/whole grain toast with butter and jam, and then a reduced sugar yogurt. An hour and 45 minutes later it will go to 4.1. Fifteen minutes later it will sky fall to low 2s or high 1s. It's a big enough breakfast so you would think it would last me a bit longer then 2 hours. In the last 15 minutes it hop skip and jumps to the low numbers. So when that happened I had a glass or orange juice, 2 thick slices of homemade brown bread with jam, a cereal bar, and a mini meringue. This was just to tie me over for lunch. Well that didn't work either because it dipped to the number in the picture about an hour after what I just ate.
For lunch/dinner I had homemade tomato and pepper soup with a turkey and pasta dish filled with veg. This was an hour after my snack. As you can see I am eating a good diet and I am eating so much food but yet the number go so low. This has happened every day this week. So what I will do is eat breakfast, have a snack 90minutes later, and then check them again an hour or 90minutes after that. It's the only way.
I have overcome the running aspect. I have a lunch/dinner 2 hours before, then have something to eat an hour before, and then 15 minutes before I have a Scandishake (made with milk). I don't seem to get a stitch so I'm blessed in that way. When I go out running I am 12. Fifteen minutes later I am 11 and when I finish the run (30minutes in total) I am 10. So it seems to be doing me good with the structure I found for me.
If anyone reading this is hypoglycaemic then will you give me some tips to what your diet etc is during the day, and what foods do you get the longest out of not eating.

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