Thursday, February 21, 2013

Madrid; Long Needed Holiday

I haven't updated this much at all in the new year. I have been fairly busy with trying to get to grips with this hypoglycemia crap, work, and travelling.
I was recently in Madrid with Yaz. Food was amazimg, as you can see all the pictures, company was amazing, Madrid people were mostly rude....not all of them, but overall the place is cool.
Going out I had a fight with a Manc. This word is new to me. As my girlfriend would say its a scumbag who supports Man United. I love her hooligan side!! Anyway, on the plane I was the hooligan. A bunch of " Mancs" from Manchester were on their way to being drunk. They wouldn't decide where to sit, kept on standing up and moving places. It gets annoying when I was trying to sit down myself. I lost it and shouted "choose where you want to sit, sit the fuck down and shut up....and while you at it, move your fucking bag from the isle"
It takes a huge amount to get me annoyed, but this made me flip. Needless to say, he stood up, went right into my face and start screaming at me. When I look back at it I think it's funny. I thought I was going to get a punch in the face when I got off the plane.
When I got to the hotel, and entered into my BATMAN Room I went to check my sugars. Glucometer gone!!! So I threw out all my clothes in a panic to try find the glucometer. No luck. So I had to spend the next 5 days guessing my sugars. I had something to eat every 90 minutes just to be sure, and I suppose tapas is an easy way of getting something small into me at short intervals.
We basically had a food holiday. We shopped a small bit with is unusual for both of us. We love shopping but because of the Internet we could always buy stuff online.
One of the best things in Madrid is a Mercado San Miguel. It's a big plaza that has loads of stalls where you can eat yourself silly with tapas from all different types of cuisines.
What I didn't like is that I couldn't find any vegetables anywhere. I was dying for some fresh veg so I ordered a salad thinking I would get a plate full of greens and assorted colours of veg. I did get salad but I also got jarred tomatoes covered in olive oil!!!
Luckily we were out of the country for Valentines day. Over there we didn't see much of the stereotypical "romantic" day were fellas on one day of the year spoil their loved one with sky higher prices for roses (even though roses might not be their favourite flower) a teddy bear and a box of chocolates.
We went to a Japanese restaurant called Keisha. Now this place isn't fancy or expensive but it does damn good sushi and sashimi. It's in the middle of nowhere but please check it out.
A picture paints a 1000 words. Iv said enough, check out the photos.


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