Saturday, April 6, 2013

"Even If Your Fed Up, Ya Gotta Keep Your Head Up"

As this spell of altitude training comes to an end, and I fly back to Ireland for 2 months. It has made my think a lot. In my last post, not the ones about FIT Mag. The one about me think on CF and the future. Well that issue has passed. There is no point thinking or worrying of what could be.

So, how is my running going? It's going great, and it's the best I've felt since I had my first seizure in November. I have ran 40-60 minutes everyday. Been to the gym 3 times this week to lift weights, and today I lifted weights for 30minutes and did 25 minutes on the cross trainer with my heart rate at a stupidly high 214. I didn't even think that's possible. Then in the PM I did another 45 minutes running which was my first double day training since the first seizure. Even though I'm at 7000ft above sea level, I'm starting to feel amazing. I'm going to up the training again next week, and maybe throw in a couple of fast stuff. We will see.


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