Friday, July 12, 2013

Drug Addictions: A Disease Or Not?

On my run today, I had a thought about CF. It's like a game that never finishes. It's like a person who is colour blind trying to complete a Rubiks Cube. 

So how has my running been? To simplify it, it's hasn't!! 
A few weeks ago I ended up getting sick. It went from being just a cold to a full out chest infection in the space of a few hours. I was working, and I was working on athletes who had this sort of infection, but I didn't know they had it. Anyway, I went home from work and canceled the rest of my day and just lay on the couch with a temperature, a blocked nose, a sore throat, and a productive cough. It got worse that night so I started to take an antibiotic I had lying in the press. (This isn't recommended) I knew that Augmentan works for me so I did it for a week.
Now, this is the weird thing is. Since maybe around September, anytime I ran I would always cough. Like an Asthmatic cough. Barking. Since I started back running from my 2 week break I haven't coughed at all. Crazy.
It's been very warm out running so I've had to take on more salt then usual. It's mad how much salt comes out in your sweat and if you wear black you will see it on your clothes after it dries in!! 

The next issue is about Heroin Addicts. This all stems from a radio show that started talking about it being an illness, a disease?? Neither, and here's why.

I was born with CF. I didn't have a choice to take something to give me CF. The choice to take a class A drugs was yours. The choice to take it a second time was yours. The drug by nature is addictive to no matter what person. Hence it's the drug being addictive and not an "illness" that has invaded your body. Everyone knows that drugs are addictive,but to make that initial choice was entirely yours, not the illness. 
I would count myself as having an addictive personality. However, the choice for me to stay off certain things is mine. An addictive personality isn't an illness.
Is a person who is addicted to chocolate classed as having an illness? No. Why not? Because the side effects of drugs are worse then chocolate so people need to have an excuse for being an idiot and taking the drug in the first place. 
My next topic was should people joke about diseases, illnesses or other problems people might have. My answer is yes. I would love to hear about joke and CF. The fact is its not even a comical disease. There's nothing to joke about other then if a women with CF is having a coughing fit or an orgasm during sex. Other then that its boring. I feel if we can't laugh about it we can't fully come to terms with the problem. 

That's all I have for now

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