Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pies For PFT Rise

First of all, I ran the most amount of mileage last week then I have since before my first seizure. I ran 50 miles exactly. 
I had two days which really really pissed me off. At one stage I drove home from work, but kept on driving without thinking. Well, I did a lot of thinking, but didn't know where I was driving to. It makes me question other peoples intentions and aims, which I will leave them at it. 
So Friday came and I finished work at 5pm. I always try finish work early on a Friday. I went home, had my dinner, and then decided I was going to go on a run. It was 6:45pm and I wanted to do 7miles. So I programmed in 8 miles worth of a playlist in case I wanted to skip a song. I ran my first two miles but decided to take a detour and run 13 77 minutes. Which isn't really a run that you would do in training. I also had the last 5 miles without music. It ended up being a good thing. Those last 5 miles cleared my head more then any sort of logical thinking I tried to do over the past week.
It also marked 1 weeks on Tobi and I can say without any doubt that it has made my lungs feel a lot better. I don't cough after a run, and I don't want to use my Symbicort either. 

Week two of my Tobi. I ended up not running this week at all. I felt like crap and as if I was going to havea seizure. My sugars stayed the same as they have been over the last 11 months, but it was the symptoms I was getting. I didn't want to chance anything. So I took 5 days off and I will run 5 miles to start back with and then run a 12 miler the next day to resume regular training. The symptoms passed and I don't really know why I was getting them in the first place. Until I was drinking a diet Coke and about 5 minutes later I started to feel the sensation. Today, I haven't touched any sort of Pepsi Max, or Diet/Zero Coke to see if it was the caffeinethat triggered it. Today was the first day that I didn't get any of those seizure-esq symptoms. I've just realised right now that people who don't have CF might read this and think I am the biggest hypochondriac ever. I always seems to have little stupid problems going on!!! Hahaha. I like to call it being hyper aware of my body!!

I started cooking more then usual as well. It helps ease my mind(I have to update the meal of the week for hypoglycemics and Low GI/GL foods). This is where the title of this post originates from. I read a comment from someone with CF who is in hospital, craved some pie. I know how much she has helped care for PWCF in the past few years, and there is no way I could thank her enough. (Actually, I don't think I have ever thanked her). She worked endlessly, even if it meant putting her own health at risk. That says a lot about a person. With that, I started to bake a pie for her and another PWCF in Vincent's. It wasn't really a "thank you" pie, but I know if I was in hospital and I craved something, I would love if someone brought me in the craved item. And who doesn't smile at pie cake??? A smile generates another smile, and if everyone started to smile the world would be a much kinder place. It looks like this is going to be a random regular pie occasion for PWCF! Im going to try make some pie now every now and again, and bring it to Beaumont and Vinvents for PWCF who need to be cheered up!! (Disclaimer - it's full fat, and reduced sugar pies!!!!!)


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