Monday, October 7, 2013

How To Make Tortillas From Scratch

Tortillas are stupidly easy. I prepped, cooked, and eat them in 42 minutes. So here's a step by step on how to make them.
I did try use rice flour but because rice flour has no gluten in it, i found it difficult to roll out the dough.

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    Makes 6-8; 
    - 250grams flour. (I used whole grain and normal flour. 150grams of whole grain and 100grams of plain. But you can make it using all whole grain) 
    - 140-150ml water 
    - glug of olive oil 
    - pinch of salt
    I then put in a few herbs and spices just to make them a little different. I used 1/2 a teaspoon on chilli powder, 1/2 a teaspoon of paprika and 1/2 a teaspoon of ground fennel seeds.
    - Mix together until everything is combined. Roll into a sausage shape and divide into 4 sections.
    - Put flour on the counter so they don't stick the rolling pin and the counter. Roll out as thing as you can.
    - Transfer into a pan with no oil and on a fairly high heat. Keep them on the pan until you think they are done, and look like done. Maybe 90sec each side.
    - Then fill with what you like. I put in homemade chilli con carne. Or spiced chicken with tomatoes, avocado, peppers and shredded courgette and kale.

    The photo below is a homemade tortilla, tuna, red pepper, rocket and kale, and a homemade chipotle (chilli) mayonnaise. 

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