Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Drug For Delta F508

When I was diagnosed, and in my early years, my parents were told that I wouldn't see the age of 10, and if I did then my quality of life would have been zero. 
My parents were always told that there would be a cure in 10 years time. However, that 10 years never got shorter, and it was always "10 years away".
With the arrival and approval of Kalydeco, a different drug for a different strain of CF, came out in recent years, we had high hopes of having a drug for my strain of CF, Double Delta F508. (It sounds more like an aircraft then a strain of a disease). Soon later, I was asked would I go on a trial for this new drug which would be the equivinant for my strain of CF. I declined to go on the trial, due to other reasons that I have yet talked about. 
Although this isn't a cure for DDF508, it's very promising, and improves the quality of life by increasing lung function, increasing weight, and decreasing salt transportation. (Us CF people cannot retain salt which leads to mucus thickening, resulting in more chest infections etc etc). 
This will be extremely hopeful for other people with CF. Currently, the average life expectancy for PWCF in Ireland is 36. Even though we have the highest amount with the disease per capita in the world. This drug cannot come quick enough for the population of CF.
Maybe now we are actually 10 years away from a cure!

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