Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Heros Journey

There are 3 distinctive topics that we can all relate to. All the great stories, be in religious, in Hollywood, or Mythology. They all follow these 3 steps

1. Separation
2. Initiation
3. Return

Let's take Star Wars as some people might see it as a religion! Luke Skywalker gets separated from his home town to become the greatest Jedi that has ever lived. He then gets initiated, becomes a Jedi and returns home. It happens in all stories, and we can all relate to them. We get excited because we can relate to them.
However, we all want this to happen. To be the greatest. It's a part of human nature, I think. But a lot of us do not want to take certain steps to be that hero. I'm talking about a personal hero. We do not want to get separated from what we know. Therefore, we will not become the hero. The hero is also seen as a person who overcomes their personal troubles. They get separated from the world. Figure out what is going on, and return as a hero/enlightened/wise.

I feel we are all born made of gold. Gold is precious. But as we grow older, we try to protect this gold. We protect it with cement or rock, as to not let it get damaged. We are told we shouldn't do this and we should do that. For instance. We are told what school to go to. At school we are told what to wear, what haircuts are deemed suitable, boys shouldn't have earrings, girls shouldn't have short hair. We are covering our identity, our individuality with this said cement. Everybody wants to fit in, and especially at that age. For that reason, not many of us reject the cement. We grow older fitting in from boundaries that we make, to go to the best college, to get a title before our name, maybe so we see ourselves suitable, or good enough for society.
The boundaries that humans make are responsible for every non natural tragedy. Humans set boarders and boundaries. Countries, race, sex, religion. I find it fascinating that what religion you are is determined from what country you are born in. If you are born in a Middle Eastern country, then you are going to be Muslim. If you are Irish, you will be Catholic. We have no say in this, and go through life going by whatever religion is most popular in the area. The neighbouring village or town might be a different religion, and as humans set boundaries, we see that village as the enemy.

I was speaking with Yas the other day and I pointed out that I don't like the term "mixed race baby". Yes, biologically the baby is mixed race, but why should it matter? It is a baby. It doesn't really matter if the Mam was white and the Dad was black. It could be from humans wanting to attach labels to everything.

Who knows? I have gotten a bit sidetracked.

To be successful or happy is not about being fearless. It is about having courage. However, If you asked yourself these 2 questions, "if I didn't have any fear, what would I do?" and "what can I do for hours without knowing what time it is?". When you ask these questions to your heart, then this is what your path is. Revert back to the film analogy. Neo from the Matrix is given two pills. He takes one and becomes great. He took that chance. But if you are going to take that other pill, and travel down this safe road that won't give you those fruits because it isn't your passion. You should never take the trail into the forest, as that trail has already been travelled. Set your own path, and come out of it with our own experiences, and your own story.

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