Monday, August 3, 2015

Cough Up A Lung

It seems to be a yearly episode of coughing up blood. The last time it happened was last August when i was in Portugal. I had the Air Con on. Over the weekend, I was in Paris which it was 38 degrees. I had no choice but to put the AC on. I am convinced thats why I am coughing up blood a few days later. The weather has changed dramatically. It was raining yesterday and the day before. So going from really high temperatures to cold and damp conditions, i think, plays a part in it. 
There can’t be any other reason as I am still able to run. 
  • Monday - 40 minutes cycle, + 25 minutes run, 
  • Tuesday - 55 minutes run + yoga 
  • Wednesday - 30 min run
  • Thursday - held a plank/bridge for 1 hour and 21mins.
I think the thing to do in this situation is relax, put the kettle on and time to calm down. Stress is another reason why it can happen. I have learnt this from past experiences. I know I don’t have an infection as I wouldn’t be able to do the amount I am doing. 

At the moment, i am in a place called Font Romeu. Its situated in the French Pyrenees. I am living at 2000m above sea level, and its by far the easiest altitude I have been at. Ethiopia is the highest I've been to at 3200m. Flagstaff in America was the hardest and it was about 1800m i think. Not sure why it was so hard to adapt up there. 
So I travel to Beijing in about 10 days for the World Athletics Championships. I will hook up with Yas as well which will be cool as Asia is one of the places on our to do list. 
Speaking of which. Earlier in the year we both wrote down 3 name places that we wanted to go in October. October is our anniversary, hence the little trip. We both had Berlin as one of the destinations. Berlin it was! Im looking forward to that. Munich is still the best place I've been to. Berlin is supposed to be better. But, I feel that it isn't necessarily the place that makes it great, i think its the company that you are with. 

The athlete I'm working with has improved by nearly 2 seconds over 1500m. His now the 4th fastest person ever in the 1000m. So he is coming into perfect shape to win World Championships. Here is a few pics below of the last bit. 

Edu seeing me taking my neb for the first time. He wouldnt let go of me. So cute!

Article in the Meath Chronicle 

Doing a session on the track. 

This was taken from a French newspaper that Taoufik was in. 

This is a picture from Font Romeu. Not a bad view. 

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