Sunday, September 27, 2015

Heavy Growth Of Staph

September hasn't been nice to me. I am sick again. Maybe I had this infection already and needed antibiotics instead of steroids. Or maybe I needed both. 
I dropped in a sputum nearly 2 weeks ago. It showed a heavy growth of Staph. I thought to myself, if this what a heavy growth feels like then I'm doing OK. I went on a 40min run and covered 6 miles. I went home, went to work and felt perfect. The next day I woke up in so much pain in my ribs. I had been sweating at night for about a week prior to this but now it was sweating during the day. It is almost as if my body told my mind "ok, we've had enough. We will be sick together". I came home from work and rang Prof. I told him my symptoms and told me to come in and see him.
I got an x-ray which showed a huge white shadow about the size of my palm exactly where the pain is. I really should have taken a picture. 
So I'm on 750mg of Ciprox (twice a day) and 500mg of Flucox (4 times a day). It has wiped me out altogether. I am still running but doing about 10min per mile. Just to keep the mucus moving. I am up to saline 3 times a day and Cayston 3 a day as well. 

I will keep you updated when I get news etc.