Saturday, January 30, 2010

1st Post From Portugal

I'm still in one piece which is the main thing. Training is going well. Since I arrived on Thursday night, iv covered 40 miles. Blisters are starting to cause a problem. I have a long run in the morning and then I have the afternoon off. Thank God.
My chest is very good which is good. Few Irish over here. Everywhere closes at 7. That's very annoying. Stupid. Well we can get some early nights.
I have fallen in love with Sardine's so amazing. As for the weather. It's an ok temp. About 18 degrees. Instead of running in long tights, a jacket and jumper, I'm only running in shorts and a t shirt and also experienced some sweat. I also have to eat more salt. Lost sweat = lost salt.
It's very hard to type on an itouch so I'm going to leave it at that and I shall update later.

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