Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Last Irish Post For 10 days

Im leaving Ireland in the morning, but sadly im coming home. I really cant wait to go over. Some hard training. I just got my programme for what i have to do over there. 5 miles in the morning and 10 miles in the evening, every day. However on the sunday i only have to do one run. a 15 mile run. It adds up to about 105 miles in a week. This week im doing 89 miles. My legs are feeling it now.
In my clinic we have an ice bath. Its like a jacuzzi but a freezing jacuzzi. It was at 0.5 degrees today. I got into it for 10 minutes. Its to flush the waste products out of the legs that build up during training. It was VERY cold today. I had a lovely hot chocolate afterwards.
I had a theory today. Seen as im not productive, as in mucus. Does that mean i dont have to take as much enzymes (creon). The mucus in our stomach prevents us from digesting food. But i have very little mucus so i can digest the food better???? Im going to have to ask the Prof on that one.
I sent off the application for the Physiotherapy Seminar next month. Its for CF. Im not sure what it is after that. Im not going, because of cross infection, and i dont agree with the "strict" guidelines that the CFAI go by. They could be 100% but i would rather not take that risk. My parents are attending, so its ok, il get the info off them.
Im up early for my flight so i shal keep yous updates from Portugal on my itouch. Cant go anywhere without it.


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