Sunday, January 3, 2010

1st post of the year (2010)

I tried to get this started for the 1st of january but i forgot about it. Its the 3rd today, so that will have to do.
OK, basically, I have CF (cystic fibrosis) or 65 Roses if its a struggle. Delta 508 is the specific name or strain that i have. 75% of the CF population has this. CF is a hereditary disease that affects mainly the lungs and the production of mucus in the lungs. it also affects the stomach and pancrease. This meanas that i can't digest food unless i take enzymes. I also take extra supplements such as vit E and a multivit. Everyday i take between 1 and 4 nebulizers. This is a liquid version of medication that is inhaled through a machine. I think thats the best way to explain it.

I want to give an insight to what it is like to have CF and still lead a normal life. I live in Meath, Ireland and at the moment i am 23. (born in 86) I am a Sports Therapist, and a student in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. I still have another year and a half left in that. I will talk about this in further, later. I am also a runner. I run roughly 90-110 miles a week. I think this is the most important thing ingredient to stay well and keeping my lungs clear. I have only been in Hospital twice in my life. One was for constipation and the other was for some random fit i had in a shopping centre while Christmas shopping. Being able to run this much hasnt been an easy task. It does come with a lot of effort, both by my family and myself. Every day has to be 100% effort and never slacking. Its hard but it has to be done.
From an early age i was given therapy to clear my lungs 5 times a day, everyday. I was always an active child, running around playing football, or playing man hunt etc. One of my earliest memories is when we where on holidays in wexford i think. There was a game set out called run til you drop. I didnt drop but i was told to stop because everyone was getting bored watching me run around on me own. I feel all this has helped me to this day.

What i hope to gain from this is to give some hope to people with CF. I am not tryin to boast about what i can do or anything like that. I am just trying to show that having CF doesnt mean you have to be bedridden or hospitalised all the time.
I hope it is an enjoyable read, and if anyone wants to email me my email address is

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