Monday, January 4, 2010

2nd post of the year. Boring one. Sorry!

I couldnt believe how tired i was when i woke up today. Probably from my long run yeserday. Calves are stiff too. Had to go to work first thing in the morning. Drove on them horrible icey roads to a clients house. I also forgot to turn the heatiing on in the clinic. So the taps where frozen and icicles formed from the nozzle. Also the bottle of Lucozade had frozen that was left from the last day.
I had a day off running today. Im only doing 50 miles a week this week as im getting back from a break. That doesnt mean i didnt do any form of therapy. So dont think im slacking.
Most of my day was spent trying to do this acupuncture assignment that is due for the weekend. Its about chronic and acute conditions. Guess what i wrote about!! Thats right, coughing came up in my assignment. I said i would speak about acupuncture more, so i will.
I had sinusitis and vertigo. Im not sure how i actually developed the both of them. Well, actually, i had a really bad sinus infection when i was younger, and all i can remember was headaches. Now and again i get them, especially when its cold and windy out. Sinusitis is from a blockage in the nasal cavity. So phlegm can block the sinuses. Then, around 4 years ago, i burst my ear drum when i was training in Portugal. After all the medication and sprays up my nose, i tried acupuncture. After 4 treatments i had no vertigo or sinusitis. So i went to study it. I found it has helped with my asthma and clearing phlegm. So maybe in the future our Doctors may look into sending CF patients to acupuncturists. Sadly i dont thing i will be treating other CF patients due to the risk of cross infection. If i could stress anythin it would be for CF patients not to come in contact with one another. Its not worth it. I think i met one other CF patient in my life.

Im going to stop with my assignment because im getting a headache. THIS ISNT FROM MY SINUSES.
I can smell dinner, and Home and Away is starting back. I hope. Back to study after that.
Another thing. I dont know why CF patients want to be called PWCF (people with CF). Its like its trying to hide the fact we have CF. So dont get offended if i say CF patient, or a CF person ETC. No matter what we label it as, we still have it.

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