Tuesday, January 12, 2010


If anyone has a Nokia phone, you will be familiar with the alarm tone that goes "bleep, pause, bleep bleep!". That the best way to explain it. Well, all i hear at night is the sound of the bleep randomly throughout the night. It wakes me up every night. I spent a good hour of my day today trying to find this bleeding bleep noise. Its still going but i cant find it. I think its up in the attic. God knows why something like that is up there. I will go mad if i cant find it.
Today was the worst day for running. I needed chains on my runners. I dont have any, but if i did id be sorted. On my way back from my run a tree had come down from the strong winds. It feels like the world is ending. Floods back in November, Snow since the end of December, high winds and no water in January. I really cant wait for Portugal. I Had to order a new pair of running runners today. Every 500miles or so i need a new pair. Buying them in Ireland is a joke. For example. Runners that cost 129.99euro cost me £49.99. Ok, add 5pound for shipping. That works out to be 61euro. Which is half the price in Ireland. That doesnt even make sense. I did 8 miles today. It was an effort of a run. Didnt enjoy it at all because i was too aware that i would fall over if i went any way fast.
I made a curry today for dinner. And no, Uncle Bens didnt help me. Im having a banana milk shake now. 2 Bananas, honey, peanut butter, and 1/2 a liter of milk. YUM.
I went down the road to get a fire log, french fancies, and a bottle of Lucozade. I cant wait to eat the box. I love sweet food. I hate chocolate though. Im not sure why it is. It could be from when i was younger. Fatty food requires enzymes, so it was easier for me to eat jellies. Oh and from studying acupuncture, dairy food produces phlegm. Milk in chocolate = phlegm. Thats taking it to the extreme. I have chocolate sometimes but im not a big fan of it.
Desperate Housewives is on tonight. Cant wait.
What a can wait for is taking Tobi. I got it today. and thats all i have to say about that.

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