Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh Lord!

Last night i scratched my nose. A few posts ago i told you about the nail chopping accident with the sharp knives. Well since then, while scratching my nose, my nail pulled off. It was so sore and would not stop bleeding. Ridiculous stuff. Trying to massage with a plaster on isnt very nice.
I ran 10miles today, ON A TREADMILL. Level 17 incline 2. It wasnt as bad as i was expecting it to be. However, when i got off the treadmill i felt like i was walking like a cowboy, or at least walking in a running motion. Weird feeling. Running on the spot for just under an hour isnt good for ones body. I ran home from the gym then. I just cant wait to run in warm weather at the end of the month. I then did a few weights and i was finished for the day.
I got a new box of scandishake. Im not sure if everyone else had trouble with mixing the scandishake before. As in, there would still be lumps in it after shaking the flask for ages. Well this new version is a finer powder and mixes very easy. But the taste isnt very easy on the pallet. The old scandishake was like a strawberry milkshake. The new scandishake just tastes like a wannabe strawberry milkshake.
I was on a blog yesterday, another CF persons blog. She had on the left hand side of the page her medication and what physio she should be doing. I will forget the should be part, but i thought it was good that she put it there as a comparison to what other cf people are one.
so heres what i am on (i feel like a junkie saying what im on)
  • Creon 25,000
  • Saline neb (1 every second day)
  • Tobi (month on month off)
  • Vivioptal (i was put on this because its not on the banning list for athletes)
  • Vit E
  • Scandishake
  • Pulmozyne
  • Xyzol (because i itch if i dont take one every 2nd day????)
  • Pep mask (30 puffs twice a day. Normally after a run)
  • and the most important one is running 100 odd miles a week
I think thats it. Oh and if i have a fast run or a race i will take my ventolin neb. This is because i have exercised induced asthma too.
My dad came home from work today, after stopping in the sales. He bought the same cardigan as me. Oh Jesus. We will look like some pair of fools if we wear it on the same day.
I was really hungry today. REALLY hungry. I made myself a fruit salad for some strange reason. Iv never made one in my life.. I dont think il be making another one. The effort of it.
I got my sister to get me a box of Golden Nuggets. The cereal. Theyre so nice. Cant wait until the morning now.

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