Friday, January 15, 2010


DAMN! I went a few weeks without coughing blood. The last time was when i was in London for New Years and the underground dirt made me cough it up. I think. Well i started Tobi 2 days ago and now im coughing up blood. Maybe there is a link. Annoying anyway.
Today is the 2 year anniversary of my Grandads death. Went to mass this morning, can you say celebrate it, or does that sounds weird.
I was watching a documentary last night on the slums in India. Kevin Mcclaud went to live in the slums for 2 weeks. The place was so horrible looking. One MILLION people living in a mile square. Thats madness. However, big cities have taken the idea of the layout in which the slums are and have used it in planning a town etc. I thought it was very good. There was also a millionaire living in the slum. He makes and sells the handles on our suit cases. Do you know them handles that pull out of the suitcase. Well he makes 700-800 a day and sells them for 3p. Great idea.

13 days until i go away to hot weather. I cant wait. HOLD ON..its only 16 degrees there. I might as well have stayed at home. HA.
I did 11 miles yesterday. I found it hard to run, half because it was icey in the forest, and the other half is because i was tired from the day before. I have 30 minutes to do today so only about 5 mile run. 8 mile run on tomorrow and 12 on sudnay. YEAY!!!

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