Monday, January 11, 2010

Portugal Here I Come

After a horrible few week here in Ireland, myself and a few friends decided to book flights to Portugal at the end of the month for training. Its down the south of Portugal. Weather at the moment is 25 degrees. Well above freezing point anyway. We go there to get some good training in. Its easier to train in and its a great atmosphere to run in. Positive vibes and what not. No distractions.
Today is the first time iv seen the temp go above 0 since before Christmas i think. Its kind of sad to see the snow melting. At least i got a good snow ball fight with the kids in the estate. Sadly, i made one cry because i hit him in the face with a snow ball. He deserved it after throwing a snow ball into my car. But i really didnt mean to get him in the face

sitting on the canal

there was no sand to be buried in so snow was the only option. Also on the canal

Yesterday was the hardest day to run in with the icey fog and the thick snow. I ran in Carton House. Its where Real Madrid stayed when they came over. Two golf courses stuck together with great trails and hills mixed in. Very good for running. Its about 15 minutes away from my house. Theres a canal beside the lake. After testing the ice with a huge rock, myself and my friend went on a run on the canal. We forgot how dangerous it could have been. I know, it was a stupid idea. i ran 8 miles yesterday and 10 miles today. Today was another hard day to run in. It was very slushy, yet cold.
Sundays are a day where normally i cant do anything. I normally do a 20 mile run up the Dublin mountains. But because im getting back from a break i was only to do 10. But nevertheless, i still did nothing today. I DID find i had more energy so i made a quiche for some strange reason. I also made a roasted pepper and garlic dressing. I havent tried the quiche yet but the dressing is nice. I suppose quiche will dinner for tomorrow. I made plans to go to the cinema. I think im going to see Nine. Its some sort of burlesque type film. Not really sure. Theres nothing much in the cinema. I went to see Sherlock Holmes. It was a very good and cleverly made film. Go see it.
Its time, yet again, to start back on Tobi. Im not sure if every CF is on Tobi. Its a month on month off neb i take twice a day. I cant stand it. Im not sure why im still on it, but im well and im not gonna question it. Il take it if it makes me better. But i cant stand taking it. The side affects do my head in. I got spots, i used to get tired, my voice goes horse and i just hate it. Oh well. It has to be done. I start on Tuesday so i have to pick it up from the chemist tomorrow. Another thing i hate. Going into the chemist.
Its fairly late so i shall save the post and publish it, and bid you a good night.

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