Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yet Again

Jesus, i thought listening to anything but the recession would be better these days. But quite frankly i love listening to the recession after the last 2 weeks of snow and ice. Its everywhere, and its annoying. All the quarries ringing Joe Duffy up trying to sell salt etc etc. AHH. Ireland is great for a few things and complaining is one of them. Maybe on the top of the list. Id say even the county councilors are ringing up the morning and mid day chat shows just so they can give about about the snow too.

Right. So i ran 8 miles today. Im so sore after the weight yesterday. I think my chest has become accustomed to the snow and frost. Until the freezing fog came. My chest cant handle fog. Even on a warm day. Its like my chests kriptonite.
I watched a very funny dvd today. Michael McIntyre. Im not sure if you noticed when you watch a CF person laugh, but it almost always follows with phlegm. So my tip to keep a lung clear is to firstly get a load of comedy DVDs. I would go with, Tommy Tiernan, Des Bishop, Russle Brand, Michael McIntyre, Alan Carr. And Secondly, go out and run. Simple, easy and affective.
Just like this post today. I really have nothing to say because the days have been so boring. And come to think of it i cant remember when my next appointment with the Doctor is???? I hate when this happens.

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