Wednesday, January 6, 2010

All i can talk about is the weather

Jesus. Another day not working. This weather is getting very annoying. Its getting harder to run too because the snow was melting and it was just ice under it but after that attack of snow a few hours ago its back to square one. My sister works in town, which normally takes about 45 mins to get home. Shes been on the bus for 2 and a half hours and shes not even half way home. Hate to be her right now.
It was very hard on the chest today with the frost. It was colder then yesterday, and thank God im not in London now. 1 foot of snow??? I was in London for New Years. Actually it started to snow just after 12 o clock on new years eve. It felt weird. Weird in a good way.
Iv had this really painful stomach in the last few hours. Not really sure what it is, but even if something very bad happens i wont be able to go to the hospital in this weather. haha. I think it could be from some crappy food i had yesterday. If i eat too much rich food i get horrible pains the next day. Its something to do with the enzyme control. So i just stay away from it most of the time. I also have gallstones, so if i eat too much spicy, or rich food, they can act up. Even going out for something to eat can make it sore.
I was studying today and found an acupuncture point for removing phlegm. Its in your leg. Its actually called Phlegm Buster, or Feng Long in Chinese. In China, they dont really understand what CF is. They dont really suffer from it over there. So when im reading my notes it says nothing about CF in it. However, it does have things like excess phlegm, which is brought on my too much dampness in the climate, or from greasy foods such as chipper etc. So if you where to go by a Chinese way of thinking, people with CF should be in a hot atmosphere and do not eat fried foods etc. I agree with it too. If i go away to Portugal for warm weather training my lungs feel so much better and i can run faster, even tho its 25 degrees. I still think that people reading this should go see an acupuncturist for CF. Unlike western medicine it treats the symptoms, not the problem. As in, if you have insomnia, a doctor will give you sleeping tablets. However, with acupuncture, they will treat the body as a whole. Insomnia is brought on by a number of factors. one of them is stress. So treating the stress will help the insomnia. Jesus im rambling on a bit about this. But if your interested, email me and i will put you in touch with an acupuncturist in your area.
Right, iv to cook dinner and get on with studying.

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