Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cold Snap messes with my chest

Coming back from Portugal has really messed my chest up. Im still running 110 miles this week. On wednesday i had to do a warm up of 2 miles. Then stretches etc. I then had to do 2 miles fast 1 mile easy and 2 miles fast. Then a warm down of 2 miles. So just after my 2 miles fast my chest went crazy. Coughing so much that i got sick. I wasnt getting up any mucus, so i think its from the cold air and the asthma that has me this way. Thursday was ok, same as friday. But today, the same thing happened. I did my first hard part of the run and i start coughing as soon as i relaxed. I came home and im on the ventolin neb at the moment trying to relax it. Il do some acupuncture on myself later to calm everything down and relax my chest. Should be ok for my 20mile run tomorrow.
I was talking before about my mam and dad going to a physio seminar. They came back with a good bit of info on it. They were given a DVD about what CF people should be doing in regards physio etc. I got some new information on it. Stuff i didnt even know about. So it was insightful. The man given the talk was from Belgium. His name escapes me now, but i will remember it later. Dr Van something or other.
Back when i was in Portugal, i felt something wrong with my knee/calve. I figured it was from all the training and the surface over there. A week on and it still is at me. I got the girl that works with me to massage it. Turns out i have twisted ligaments and tendons in my knee which are pulling on the muscle. Its sore to run on but not that sore to stop. Il soldier on.
I think i have a Doc appointment coming up. Last time i was there i was told about a new device that measures if a infection is coming on. Some new technology. It sounds very good. Also, a new gadget that measures how much salt is lost during the exercise. This is very important for CF people, as we cant retain salt. It also measures some other stuff but i cant think of what it is now. Il post more info on it when i remember.

Valentines Day is tomorrow. Im under strick orders not to buy anything for her. But we shall see about that. Her 21st is on the 18th of this month so its a pain in the arse having the two dates so close. As for the plans of what im doing tomorrow. I have a 3 coourse meal set up. (cooked by myself) Im not too sure on what to do with the main course. Iv a few options. HMM. Any suggestions would be nice.

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