Monday, February 22, 2010


Oh its been a hard weeks training and a race at the end of it. I clocked up some amount of miles in my legs the past 2 weeks. I had a race yesterday which went horrid, and thats putting it nicely. Started off deadly, and as soon as i ran through the muck i basically just stopped. I was leading the race up until then. Theres ones thing i can run in, and its muck. So i travelled 3 hours there to run shite. Well, i established that im not running in a cross country race again. So all was not lost. I was up this morning for my first run of the day at 7.20 for a 10 mile run. Later on i have 5 miles to do. I hope it gets a bit warmer out too.
Im slightly injured. I have had a sore hamstring/knee since back in Portugal a few weeks back. Its very annoying. Now i have this achilles tendonitis, which isnt too bad but its frustrating. I have a race on thursday. Its in Armagh. Its a 5k international. Should be good fun.
This weather is so annoying. Back to freezing cold. My chest is going mad with it. Iv been drinking hot water and blackcurrent miwadi the last few days. It seems to soothe my chest???? And it tastes amazing.
I recently found out the my friends nephew has CF.. Hes 4 months old. (not my friend). Hopefully he will fight through it. Il get him out running before he can walk.
Work has been good. Its after picking up since i got home from Portugal. No complaints there. Thank God.
i need to eat more food. I think a rasher sambo is in order (and for the Americans, rashers is another word for bacon).

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