Friday, March 19, 2010

Won The Race

So i ran a 5 mile race the other day. I won. From gun to tape. I didnt mean to go out so fast but i did and then if i eased down i would look like a fool so i kept going. I got 50e for winning. Well actually i got 35e because it was 15e to enter. Then if you take petrol money etc i prob won about 25e. Oh well. Good run. There is a picture from the race

I didnt ease down for the race either so i had a hard training week coming up to it.
I started a new tablet yesterday. Zitromax i think its called. Iv to take it every 2 days. They only medication for CF that im on is Creon and that Zitromax thing. Could you count the saline as medication? I think thats good enough.
I was massaging a jockey there the other day. Found out he won in Cheltenam. I didnt even know he was racing in it. I should have put money on him. UGH.
Im in work at 7.30 in the morning tomorrow. Im very bloody tired today so i think i will have an early night.
Oh i went to see Shutter Island. If you like weird films that you have to think about what is happening then i would totally recommend it. It was a very good film. VERY good.

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