Friday, March 12, 2010

Working with an American Doctor

Got a call on monday to work with a American Doctor who treats people with a thyroid problem, and links it with fibromyalgia. It was very interesting. However, I started work at 7.30 every morning. I didnt know what was going on. This meant that i couldnt run twice a day for a few days during the week. It also meant that i had to take extra longer naps so i had enough energy for my hard runs in the evening. It worked out well, and i learnt a lot. The Doctors name is Dr. Gina Honeyman. Just in case anyone is interested in looking her up. And if you want details on the seminars or where she will be treating people then email me on . Just thought i would let yous know.
What i found interesting is talking to people that had an illness that could prevent them from their daily life. A bit like CF. Each and every one of them said "the most important thing in your life is your health". Well i would like to disagree with that quote. I had a think about it, and i think the most important thing in your life is mental determination. Why do i think so? Well if you have an illness, what is going to get you through it. Your mental deteremination. If you have anything hard in your life, your mental determination will get you through it. You need to have that self belief to know you can get through it. If you dont have that, what ever it is that is stopping you has won the battle.
About the race the other week. I found a picture of me running in it.

I have had a hard week training. 110 miles this week. Oh and i went for my 3 monthly visit to the Prof. Good news in all. Lung function went up by 4%. My FEV1 is 87% i think. Thats the 2nd line. The 1st line read not up to date with all that stuff but im told its good?? I also lost weight which is also good. However, the doctors dont agree. :) . I dont think they understand that i have to be as light, but yet as healthy as i have to be for running. So i now weight 56kg. In 9 months i have lost 5kg.
I am also now off TOBI...YESSSSSS.. i have been put on a tablet that i take every 2nd day. I cant remember the name. But it is used widely in Asian countries as it reduces inflammation.
So im happy with the last week.

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