Sunday, April 25, 2010

What a Sunday

This week has been fairly hectic. Im all over the place. I couldnt run on tuesday because the ash in the air was "toxic" so i didnt want to chance my arm, especially with my race on the friday.
I was easing down for the race. So instead of 115 miles a week i only ran 80 miles. It was a good week. Felt like nothing.
The race was the All Irelands. It was a 10k. I came 2nd. Not happy. Didnt feel great. I just didnt get into the race at all. Felt flat. It was still good for coming 2nd, but in my opinion 2nd is the worst position. Last means that you havent a hope at running. 4th is also bad but it gives you more determination to get the top 3. 2nd is just bad because you where so close to winning. Well theres always another race, and il be training my arse off for the next race. Which is on the 6th of May in Dundalk. Its a half marathon. I hope i dont come 2nd in that. First is 250e money, 2nd is 150e voucher for a bike shop. Why would i want a voucher to a bike shop?? Its a running race not a cycling race???
After the 10k i was talking to one of the girls who won another race. Her brother was out there watching the races. He was CF too. I hope he was watching the race thinking that CF isnt all bad cases. My chest was amazing after the race. I wasnt coughing or wheezy. Normally i am, so i was happy about that.
I had to take Saturday off. My achilles was so sore. Too sore to walk properly on. I hope its not at me for any more.
Today, i watched the London Marathon. There was a person in it who ran it with a half a lung. Jesus Christ. Thats amazing. He was about 60 odd as well. Il check the results and see how he did. There where a lot of CF vests around too, so thats good.
I tried to go on a run after. I succeeded too. I wasnt sure how long could run pain free. So i ended up doin 15 miles pain free and then it started to get a bit sore. I was 2 miles away from my house so i ended up doing the 17 miles. Wasnt very happy about it. I should have ran 22 miles. Iv been icing/heating/acupuncturing/massaging it all today. Its eased out loads. I shall be flying around tomorrow. Il just ignore it. I have a week and a half left and i will be on a break. YEEEAAAHHH.

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