Monday, May 3, 2010


This is the worst day of my season.

Last week i found it hard to run. Wasnt really sure why. I explained i ran 17 miles on the Sunday. Well on the Monday i was trying to do a steady run. I would normally run the 12 mile loop in around 70minutes. Well i did it in the same time as usual but i felt God awful. I started to get worried as i havent felt the same in over a week now. On the Tuesday i tried to do a fast 10 miles. This is normally done in under 55 minutes. After 3 miles i was dying. I stopped, stretched, did a few drills, just so i could get going again. I finished after 8 miles and i was very tired. Everything felt ok apart from my legs. Its like my head isnt attached to my body, or the air is going out the back of my head. My legs just keep getting tighter and tighter.
So i went up to training on wednesday in UCD. I was told to do a 2 mile warm up and see how i am after that. If i was ok, i was supposed to do 3 miles fast (sub 5minute mile pace) and then a 2 mile fast. Even the warm up felt hard. Told my coach and he said to just run slow. Get the miles in. I needed to lie down after that "easy" run.
Thursday i slept the day. As i did on friday and saturday. The only time i got up was to work or study. Sunday i needed to run. was desperate because my 1/2 marathon was less then a week away. So i did 12 miles. Didnt feel too bad. Felt good after.

The decider whether i was to race on thursday laid in the hands of today. a 4 mile time trial. 2 miles warm up and then 4 miles hard. In around 20minute pace. Well that didnt happen. Legs felt like blocks.

LOOKS LIKE I WONT BE BLOODY RUNNING ON THURDAY. Everything i have been gearing toward since Stephens Day. Continues week off over 100 miles a week and i have nothing to show for it, apart from a silver medal in the all irelands. Sorry for the bad words, but what a load of shite. Im not looking forward to looking at the results of the race, because if its won in anything over 70 minutes then i know i would have won.

On the bright side, im feeling better. Chest is ok. All clear. Iv booked into get a blood tests because i have a feeling that i may be lacking in b12. I also booked flights to Portugal for the 28th of this month. I am taking a weeks break now and i will be back to get on the Irish team before the end of September. You read it here first. So lets go.

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