Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I knew it. Why o why did the Diabetic Specialist try and argue the fact that i had it when i clearly didnt. Bad thing is now the pharmacy is trying to make me pay for those lancet thingys that i had to check my glucose levels with. Well see about that. Those things are expensive.
By the way this post is going to be long so i suggest getting a cuppa and read it. So im back running a good bit now. 30-45 minutes a day. Its not as much as i was doing but i will get there. The iron levels are back up and i feel good again. I dont feel like i want to sleep on the massage bed next to the client. I feel like iv put on weight, and for a CF that is good, BUT NOT FOR ME..i need to be a certain weight for running. Im normally around 55kg. So anything near that is good. Im not 59kg. If i wasnt running id be fat, and probably sick.

So i went to London. I love that place. The shopping is amazing. While i was there i had to do some sight seeing. Being a tourist and all that. The best way to see London is not the London Eye, or an open top bus. The best way is to go running. It was great. I went running into this mad area that i found out later that people get stabbed there at least once a week. I had no problem with the area. In fact, the locals where cheering me on. It sounded like cheers but they where probably only shouting at me to get the hell out of the area. Oh well i survived it anyway. My runs where like this. I started in Elephant and Castle, ran over Blackfairs bridge, over to the London Eye, then to Big Ben, over to the weird looking spiral building (i think its called the Easter Egg??), Over near London Bridge, over some weird other bridge, then at this point i got lost, then back to Elephant and Castle. I love running in built up areas. I dont know why people complain about car fumes. I didnt notice it at all. I think it actually helped me. Maybe im meant to run on petrol fumes.
The picture below was a stall in Camden Market. It was these fish called Doctor Fish. They suck the dead skin off your feet and nails. It was a great experience. My girlfriend has eczema, and almost a week later and she hasnt felt an itch on her feet. I also had an injury on my tendon which is now gone since the little fishy got to my feet. Im sourcing a place that will sell them too me so i can use them in my clinic. No luck so far.

The picture below is of my girlfriend Yaz (or Yasmina for long) and myself on the London Eye. It was great going around it but the Q was so long. I think the whole experience took nearly 2 hours.

When i went to London, i met Louis Spence. Hes the flamboyant dancer from Pineapple dance Studios on Sky1. What a man.

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