Friday, June 11, 2010


Ok so i went to the Diabetics specialist because my Dr, told me to. Turns out I have the bloody thing. My glucose levels showed 18. However, i was sick at the time, and i did have a lucozade about 45 minutes before. So the two things can raise it. Im not convinced and i dont believe i have it. I bet i dont actually have it. We will see in the next few weeks when i record all my levels and show him. Since he told me all my levels are no higher then 7. Anything above 10 isnt good. So im told.
Im in the middle of some hard training in Portugal. Running in Ireland is hard. Running in Portugal isnt. But running at 35 degrees is VERY hard. I was feeling very tired the last few days. I think my i havent given my iron tablets enough time to kick in yet. I cant remember if i told yous that my iron levels where 4, and they should be above 14. So iv ran myself into the ground. Literally. Im not training as hard as i should be but it will all fit into place. I hope.
Im trying to study for an exam too. But its just not happening. Im deluding myself trying to study on a beach. haha.

I will keep an update on the Diabetes situation. I DO NOT HAVE IT!!!! fingers crosses.

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