Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I havent posted on this since July. Thats bad form. Sorry. Il have to keep reminding myself to do it.

OK, so in my books, summer is over. Although, I still have a glimmer of hope that its going to stay hot(ish) until the end of October.
Im just back from holidays in Majorca. It was roasting over there and an amazing place to run. I ran a 50minute run, in which 40 minutes of it consisted of 15 hills. AMAZING. Speaking of running. Im back running 12 miles runs again. Thank God. My iron levels went from 2.8 to 17.9 and my ferriten went from 50 to 101. So its great. Iron should be over 12. It feels like someone just gave me a kick up the arse with an energy boot!!???!!! I realised how so many people are racist. Not sure why it came to my mind over there but its bloody mad. Im racing in a 10k next Saturday in Blessington. I think its there anyway. Its a CF race and its called The Lakes.
Its a good race. Happy to run it. Not fully fit but as the website says "ill give it a lash".
I dont think iv shaved since i last posted on here. Im not sure if its a CF related thing but i cant grow any facial hair. I wish it was the same for the hair on my head. Iv to get it cut ever 3-4 weeks. If i didnt have getting my hair cut i would get it done every week. My dad and sister are both hairdressers.
Oh before i go on. Id like to welcome the new people that are following me on here now. I think they're new anyway.
So my clinic is really taking off. Some good news in the pipeline but i will tell you all when its finalised. Dont want certain people googling my name and reading about what i said. Employers actually do that. I think if i was employing people i would probably do it myself. Before i went away i had 1 day off in the month with work. Crazy. Seems to be busy next week to.
College is starting back on friday. Last year of this and then i can work as an Acupuncturist. I got my results from 2nd year. I got a 1st class honours. Happy enough with it.
So the last time i was in Beaumont i was told there is a new CF unit. Her words where "ah id say your delighted" i asked why? Her reply was "the new CF unit". I said "the new what? iv no idea what your talking about". She informed me with a puzzled look on her face that there is going to be a new unit for CFs. Im not saying PWCF because its stupid and ridiculous. Thats another thing. I heard on the radio that Debenams have a model in a wheel chair. Fair play to them and her. But then people that are in a wheelchair came on the radio complaining about them not being able to go in the same door as "normal" people. This gets on my nerves. I find most people with a disability or an illness are so stubborn about their issue that they sit and complain about it so much but yet they dont do anything to change it. The girl in the wheelchair was complaining about a night club in Navan having the night club upstairs. The night club did have a different door for people in her situation. She said she wants to go in the door that "normal people" go in. Im not being harsh here, but darling, your not normal. I have CF. Im not normal. Get over it and live your life and stop being bitter about it. I have to take tablets every time i eat. Nebs everyday. I no im not normal. Id love to be like everyone else and not take them. But im not so what can i do about it but live with it and enjoy my life the way it was given.

Thats my rant fot the week over with. Im off to bed because iv a 10 mile run in the morning before work.

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