Saturday, September 18, 2010


Look at this!! Two posts in two days. See what a good blogger i am becoming.

My day started like this.
8;00am - woke up, had a 7up. Warmed up. Ran 10 miles. Felt deadly.
10;00am - went to the shops to get milk bread and a pineapple for the french toast i made. my car starded fine. (you will see where im going with this)
11.40am - went to collect Yaz little sisters from school and my car wouldnt start.Battery was gone. My mam collected them for me. rang the AA and the brought me out a battery. amazing service
12.30pm - used Yaz car to go to work. Car was fine.
4;00pm - car started to sound a bit funny. When i turned it off it was making a horrid noise
4;40pm - left the clients house to go to college. VERY horrible sound
4;50pm - smoke comes from the car while driving on main road
5;00pm - free wheeled the car down the hill at 60kph with smoke bellowing out of the car to the nearest petrol station

Basically i broke two cars in one day. That sounds like a film title. So i got home at 12 o clock and i had to get up at 7 to go on a run before college at 9. It was more then an eventful day.

The college im in is so old and damp. It makes my chest horrible. I end up coughing up loads of phlegm. Its hard to explain but dampness in Chinese Medicine is related to phlegm. No isnt it a coincidence that Ireland has the most amount of CF per capita than anywhere else in the world? I had a talk with my lecture and he said its nothing to do with the climate because CF is hereditary but i think it might have something to do with it. I know when i go away when its warm my chest is perfect. When i come back to the dampness of Ireland i start coughing up phlegm again.
SO!!! If you decide to use acupuncture as a form of therapy for your child or yourself, first of all dont go to Dr and Herbs or Acupuncture in the local shopping centre as these rip you off and their qualifications are not recognised in Ireland. So im told.
Secondly. Tell the acupuncturist that you want to disolve phlegm, tonify qi in the lung and the spleen. They should understand. If you would like me to see the best acupunctuist is in your area then email me on . I think acupuncture is amazing for my digestion, phlegm, sinuses and coughing. All these are related to CF. It can help digestion so you absorb more foods so that lessens the amount of attacks of infection becuase your body is taking more nutrients from the food and leaving you with a better immune system.
Also, if you would like to contact me to talk about acupuncture or other forms of therapy, my number is 085-7879324 (if your calling from overseas its +35385-7879324)

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