Monday, October 25, 2010


Never, have i EVER, felt so dead during a run. This was a weird feeling and i think its made out of bricks and cement. I.E THE WALL!!!!
It all started like this. Tuesday i did a really fast 12 mile run. Felt a bit tired after it. About an hour later i got the Anti-Flu. Well holy moly. I swear, when i left the surgery i went home, got on the couch, and slept for about 2 hours solid. I had to wake myself up to go to work. I was in some state. Sweats, sore muscles, feeling hot then cold. All the classic symptoms. (please post if you get this reaction) Im sure it had something to do with the run i did before getting the injection. Wednesday i woke up at about 11. Thats not normal for me. Im normally up fairly early to either work or my first run of the day. Today, i couldn't run. Couldn't do anything. I got a few calls from clients looking for a massage. I said no, but then i remembered that my Gag (grandad) had diabetes, and never missed a day of work in his life due to it. So i said to hell with it. If he did it, so can i. Rang the clients back up and dragged myself to work. That was all well and good with a few nurofen actifast and some other remedy. I was more of a junkie then a therapist. Got through the day! Thurday was a bit better. I went for a 1o mile run instead of a 15 mile run. Gave myself a bit of a break. Friday was another 10. Saturday i did a really hard run. it went like this;
3 mile warm up
2 mile really fast
1 mile easy
2 mile really fast
3 mile warm down
I was told it was the quickest iv ever done. I was happy with that, considering how crap my week was. I then came home, ate, then for the rest of the day had this weird feeling in my tummy. Every time i moved i had a gurgle in it. This went on for the rest of the night and even woke me up. On sunday morning, i had the runs?? This isn't some term in athletics. I had THEE runs. This isn't great to have before a 2 hour and 2o minute run. I went four times in the space of an hour. I was thinking was it my creon or anything like that. Nope. I dunno what it was. So off i went on my run. Went up my 1st mountain and felt good. Coming down it i got a huge stitch. Ran it off. Going up the 2nd mountain i hit the wall. Died. I couldnt go on at the pace. I slowed it down. At about mile 19 i wanted to walk. I knew if i walked i wouldnt start running again and i was 5 miles away from the car. When i finished i was in my own world. Didn't realise what i had just done. This is monday and i had to work at the Dublin City Marathon. I ran 3 miles short of a marathon yesterday and i got nothing but a cold drink at the end and a seat. I didnt feel one bit sorry for any of the 13,000 people in it. Nipple bleeds or not.
Tomorrow im going to see Lady Gaga. I will write a full length report on that :)

Oh, and in CF related news. I read the newsletter that came in the post. Did you read the part on The Lakes 10k, and did you read the part about me in it?? Either did i. I read about an Olympic boxer who finished 6 minutes behind me. You would think a CF person finishing inside the top 10 would be good press. This paragraph isnt an attack on the Newsletter. They where not at the race so how would they have known. So that is my disclaimer for this paragraph. It just does my head in that there is not one bit of good news in any sort of media. I think its just for money. Do you think if there was good news about a CF person and leading a normal life. Do you think those people would send in money to the organisation??? Maybe im wrong but that whats in my head. I also seen the most famous CF in Ireland. I forget her name now though. Is it Orla Tinsley?? Well she was on TV3 on the Afternoon Show, or the Morning Show. One or the other. She was good on it, but im not really sure why she was on it?? I know she has a degree in journalism. But she had a few lines to say. At least they could have given her more to say about CF, and not just about those bloody non existent beds.

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