Sunday, October 10, 2010

10/10/10 - Lucky Day???

Today being the 10th of the 10th of 2010. 10 being the lucky number in China. I heard this date is good luck. SO, doubly good luck i started my 20 mile run this morning on the 10/10/10 10:10am. I didnt do this on purpose. I swear.
This was my first 20 mile run since April. I was only meant to do 18, but sure what is an extra 2 miles when iv ran that far. It was a mountain run which was very good. Got the lungs working. However, i was running through a cloud. I now know what its like to be a bird. When i came down from the mountain i was ringing. Not from sweat but from running in the clouds. MADNESS.
After the run i like to do absolutely nothing for the day apart from look at tv. Sometimes i dont even think i watch the tv. I think i just look into space and look at the screen.
During the week there where two things relating to CF in the press. One on the Joe Duffy show and the second in the Star. I think it was the Star. I might be touching some nerves from this article in the Star. It was about a 22 year old man who died from a bug he caught in hospital. The thing about Joe Duffy was about cross contamination from CF to CF and hospitals. Im sorry BUT cross contamination is not news in CF. Ever since i was 10 (14 years ago) i can remember not meeting or coming into contact with another CF. However, Doctors and the likes keep trying to bring me in on a visit while there are CF patient in the same room. HOW DOES THIS MAKE SENCE. Why are CF people going on about cross contamination like its a new thing. Its common sense. As for the article in the Star newspaper. The man died from an infection caught in hospital. I know thats not good enough. BUT, he was in hospital because he was sick. His immune system wasnt good enough to fight off infections hence, him dying. It was CF that killed him not the infections. Its like a person with AIDs. The person dies because it catches a cold because it has a low immune system. Im not going to go on. But its like the people in the newspaper are trying to make an excuse from the man dying. Or put the blame on something other then CF.
Im sorry if i upset people by what i say, but its what i think. CF is controllable. Its hard to control it. It means never taking the eye off the ball. Always keeping on top of things and constantly moving the phelgm. Infection cant grow in a clear lung. How do you clear the lungs. Exercise. Its a simple equation that need to be drilled into every CF. Get out and exercise. What is not to get!!! Its working for me, so why should i be different from anyone else. I have the same strain as 86% of CF people. Iv never been in hospital for CF (apart from constipation which i was there for 2 days). My lung function has went up by 10% in the last year. So instead of the lungs starting to deteriorate, mine are getting stronger. From what?? Im 100% certain its from running.


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