Monday, November 15, 2010

God Damn Pt2

Still not feeling right. I hate this crap.
I have a big dizzy head on me, huge headache, and i keep having this asthma cough. I started on Ventolin nebs today. its working. Thank god. I did my 12 mile run on sunday. Maybe it was too soon to come back. I took today off running.
I was at a clients house today. I got a bloody parking fine when i went out of the house. God Damn. This is what happened. One side of the road had road works. So i parked over the other side. If i parked correctly i would have blocked up the whole road. So i parked with 2 wheels up on the path. Got a €40 parking fine for being considerate. What a load of crap. €4o is a bit extreme. So if i was to be a big pr%?k about it i wouldnt have got a fine. Im going to ring them up and complain about it. Thank God i got €150e out of that house. Now with that fine i only end up with €110.
This is a post filled with anger. I feel like crap and i got a parking fine.

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