Saturday, November 13, 2010

It Was Inevitable

Damn this God damn weather.
Before i go on. My "a" button doesn't want to work today. So if i miss an A here and there.

The title reads It Ws Inevitble. The reason why? Well i ran twice on monday. Felt deadly. Ran really hard on Tuesday. Felt deadly. All of a sudden i got a sore throat that night. Wednesday morning i had the biggest headache, sore throat, and it felt like i should have been asleep. Hadn't a clue as to why i got sick. I wouldn't call it sick. More of a bad cold. So anytime i get a cold i try to remember why i got it or where i got it. When i was in college during the weekend i think about 5 people had some sort of bug. So i think thats my only reasoning. I didn't run on wednesday or thursday. I used my pep mask instead. I hate tht thing. It always pops my ears. Im on the brown colour. This is my second Pep Mask. I blew too hard and broke my first one. I cracked the thing open. Didn't even think it was possible. I ran friday. Did 30minutes easy. I felt crap after it. After every virus i always get this type of barking cough. Its like an asthma cough. Its very annoying. So i took Saturday off just to be sure. Tomorrow is sunday and im sick of not running so im going out to do a 12 mile run. Its not my norml 20 odd mile run but it will do.

During the week i heard such horrible news. A person by the name of Haile Gebrselassie retired from running. This man is amazing. He has 27 world records. Some people say 26 but they counted wrong. He was unbeaten for roughly 10 years and hes 37. Maybe older because the Ethiopians do not have birth records and so on. I went to live with him in his house in Ethiopia and he was the nicest person ever. Type his name into google and a picture of him smiling will come up. He never stopped smiling. Horrible news!!!

I got the CF newsletter in the post during the week. TWO pages about why the CF world (media) needs to be happier and good news. I dont know if i posted this during the last few weeks but i emailed into the CF offices to complain about the doom and gloom. Oh i think i did tell yous. Im not going to go on further. But it was good to read something intsead of infection this and no beds that.

I drove up to Monaghan today. Yaz was teaching a dance class up there, so i said id bring her and wait for her up there. Its a nice place up there. Clean air. I love the smell of fresh air. It feel like no bugs can grow on ice cold fresh air. I love it. On my way home we stopped into the Radison Blu in Cavan. I think the driveway was longer then the actual drive home. Took AGES. When we got there, we had to walk ages from the car park to the hotel. If there is one thing i hate, its walking. Its inbetween standing still and running. Why would i walk when if i run i can get there faster? There was a shuttle bus available but Jesus, im not going to start using shuttle busses just yet. Lunch was nice there. HOWEVER.... 2 hours for a bloody sambo and a crumble?? Come on. What was that all about. Did i leave a tip??? HELL NOOOOO.. it costs €35 to have a salad, a sambo and crumble with sparkling water and a 7 UP. The service was awful, but it was a nice treat so i enjoyed it. The people sitting around me reminded me of Desperate Housewives. The looked like typical snobs. You know the type. The ordered "finger sandwiches" and the likes. I wonder was their conversations as entertaining as Desperate Housewives. If so then i can forgive them.

I found a website called . Its exactly wht it sounds like. There is a tree house in Zuric that has a fireplace and a matress. You can stay the night for 350e. It sounds amazing. Also some Island off Mayo. You rent the whole island. I think that might be an option.

Here is my facebook. My clinics facebook. Now and again i will have articles and studies that everyday people can read and understand what is going on with them. Enjoy.

The post below this was supposed to be long. Turns out this was longer. Sorry for the lack of warning.

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