Sunday, November 28, 2010


Ah come on..why does it have to bloody snow. Its nice looking and all that but jesus, i cant bloody run properly.
On friday, when it wasnt snowing, i was out doin a 10 mile run. There was a small enough hole in the ground dug by the council. It looked like it was for some lamp post or something. Iv passed it hundreds of times before and made a note to myself never to go near it. What did i do on friday. Put my foot right into it and went straight down. I cant remember falling, i just remember being on the ground with a car wheel at my head. JESUS.. I finished the run off but when i got home and had the shower, i seized up. I was in bits. My whole back was so tight and warning me that it was going to go into spasm. Typical whiplash. Whiplash doesnt only happen in a car.
I got a massage later that day but it didn't really do much. I had to take some amount of pain killers to just to ease the pain slightly. I had such a headache and pains down my arm.
The council shal be getting a phone call from me. I dont want to get money from them, just for them to fix it and for it to not happen to someone else. I recover fast so 2 days of pain would be a week for someone else. Plus i was able to get as much treatment as i wanted for free, and i had prescription pain killers in my house.
I missed 1 day of training because of the pain. I went runnig today. Was ok. Im racing next week in the Pheonix Park next saturday in a 5k race. Its a bit short but its a bit of a speed session. No problemo...

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