Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Bloody delighted that snow is gone. Hold on, its going to get worse again this week. Bloody hell. With immediate effect i booked flights to Portugal, WITH NO RETURN flight because im not coming home until i see a bit of sun or improvement with the roads.
Trying to run has been a bit of a pain. I tried doing a few runs. It was fun at the start but then the height of the snow went half way up my shin. Running in that is pointless. Running on a treadmill is even worse. I did ONE run on that horrible invention. I went at level 19.3. WHY? Because the thing wouldnt go any faster. How was i to do a run with that for 10 miles when i needed to go faster. I hate those things, and it feels like im running on a postage stamp. UGH!!! However, i still didn't miss a days training.
I had to cancel all my appointments and didn't work for 8 days. It was hell. Cabin fever set in and i felt like pulling my hair out. I dug the driveway twice, and made a huge snow couch in the garden. Ill have to put the pictures up soon. I threw some amount of snowballs that my shoulder is now killing me. My throw has some force behind it. I put a snowball through a tail light of a BMW...JESUS. It was his fault. He moved, but then i ran. Now i feel really guilty. Should i go back?? no. Still his fault.
I went to London for 12 hours just for the laugh. I also got all my Christmas shopping done. Brilliant. I love London. I saved hundreds..Actually no i didn't, i didn't even spend hundreds!!
You might have heard that the Irish u23 team won a gold medal at the European Cross Country at the weekend. I massage people off that team, so it looks good for me!! Look at the Late Late this friday. I got one of the lads to give me a mention and my clinic. HAHAH. Free advertising. Cant beat it.
I was to see Prof this week, but on Sunday night i came to the conclusion that why do i need to see him. Is there any reason i actually need to see him?? Pay him 120e for him just to ask me a few questions. There is nothing wrong with me and there is nothing he can suggest to me. Im going to get a sputum done and a blood test. He can tell me the results of that over the phone if needs be. So i think im going to go every 6 months instead of 3 months, and if i need to go visit him i shall ring an book an appointment.
Im racing this saturday in a race called The Jingle Bells. Its a good race. All the Santys will be there and people dressed as slutty Elfs. Then im racing in either Navan on the 26th or Howth on the 28th. If im doing the 26th then im running in a local race on the 28th and its fancy dress. I have a lovely onesy that i can wear.
I forgot to start of the post by saying ITS CHRISTMAS, but im too lazy to scroll back up the page.
So i moved the clinic. A bigger and better building. It has 6 rooms and a waiting room. Whats funny about that is there is only 2 of us working there. HAHAH. Why the other 4 rooms?? Well i have a Hydrotherapy Ice Bath. Its amazing for injuries and recovering from heavy training. So whats with the other 3 rooms?? Im not sure yet. Im looking for an Osteopath or something along those lines. New year, new beginings. Im nearly fully booked up this week and next week so its good anyway.

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