Sunday, March 20, 2011

Good News

Since my last race (the disaster one) iv done another race. It was a 5 mile road race. I won. Around 20 seconds clear of the 2nd guy. I didn't ease down too much. I did an 18 mile run a few days before the race, and I felt it during the race. So training is going good. I'm racing again in Dunboyne next Sunday. Boom.
Lately I got myself kitted out in Asics. It feels good to get free gear. Can you call it free if you work with them?? Anyway they feel really good. The Asics DS trainer and DS Racer feel very smooth. (I'm not under any obligation to say this).
These last two weeks have been quiet in work. I'm glad because I need time to study. I have an exam in two weeks time and I'm not prepared for it. Ah. They college keep changing what is going to come up on the exam. I feel like exploding.
I recently read about some sort of "cure" for CF. It's for the strain I don't have. Hahaha. But it's still great news. It's good to see that they are into the final stage of the drug process. So if anyone is reading this who has that particular gene then It's great news.
A short but sweet update but there you go. I can't always blabber on!

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