Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beauty Of A Day

I'm sitting here in my back garden, on my iPad, sipping on Mi-Wadi. It's my mi wadi...........anyway. I'm just back from a run. It was a good tester of one at that. I took the day off running yesterday as I had this cough. Not sure where it came from but it felt like the type of cough I get after a cold. I'm not sure if everyone else get it's. The funny thing is, I didn't even have a cold to begin with. I reached for the ventolin neb, which did the trick. 3 time yesterday and once today.
So about the run. Every Wednesday is a hard day. The coach had 7 by 1km hard. This means I do 1km fast, then I take 90sec recovery. Ido this 7 times. I also had a 3 mile warm up and 2 mile cool down. I got the warm up done. Felt ok. So I tested the body out and went for a 1km hard. Fe,t amazing. Off I went to tackle the next 6.
There was a slight bit of anger in me this week. Actually, a lot of anger. The National Cross Country championships took place in Santry Demense. I haven't raced over cross country in ages. Iv been trying to get used to the muck so I trained in my spikes across fields of muck and god knows what. That was no use what so ever, so don't waste your time doing it. The best way I can describe myself running in cross country is like a fish trying to swim in porridge. I was 54th in the race. Enough said on that. HOWEVER, my team won the team title. We are National Champions. What's even better is that out of the four races on the day, we won all four team titles, and out of a possible 12 individual medals we won 6 of those. We brought home 8 gold medals out of 9. I bet know one heard about that in the news, but if it was GAA we would have been sick to our teeth of listening to it.
Work has been quiet this week. My first quiet week since before Christmas. That's not bad for a self employed student. Last week was hectic. I was working with Asics. I had to do a presentation on the most common running injuries. It was for the London and Dublin marathon. Very weird seen as though I haven't given a presentation before. It was brilliant, and even better when I looked up at the screen and saw my logo next to Asics logo. So I'm enjoying this sun we are having, and I'm going to make myself a rapaleese! What's thar I hear you ask? Its 1 slice of bread, 4 rashers, a slice of pineapple, and melted cheese. So I took a few letters from rasher, pineapple, and cheese and made a rapaleese. Amazing!

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