Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Prime Time Report

I just watched the Prime Time report on RTE about CF. Orla Tinsley created a great piece about CF, and the need for a better health care system in Ireland. If you want to see the report, it should be up on the RTE website in the next 24 hours.
Watching the show made me realise how selfish i am with CF. I don't think iv raised even 1e for CF in my 25 years of having it. It's never to late to start either. So i think im going to plan on doing something. Obviously I run, so why don't i use that to my advantage. The most common strain in CF is Delta 508, and it's the one i have. So maybe I could run 508miles in a certain amount of time?? Or maybe run 7 marathons in 7 days. I should have a sit down and think about this. If anyone has any suggestions then you could email me or comment below.
So far, im two days into my break. My average time i get to sleep is 2:30 and I awake at 8:30. Actually 6 hours sleep a night is good. I had 14 clients in yesterday which was a record amount in a day for me. So that took energy out of me, but now as much as running 20 miles a day and working. My mam tells me that there is a shed out the back that needs to be emptied the shed has to be taken down, and a new one put up. This sounds like some good energy sapping tasks. Also a pain in the arse. I'm kind if itching to lace my running runners up and go out and run a hard 10 mile but i must not give in to temptation! How come when im on a break the weather starts to turn bad? Really typical. Also because iv so much more time on my hand I start to think a lot. One of my taughts was why does everyones sweat smell the same. This came to me when I was at the petrol station and this lad smelt like eeeerrrrmmm..... While im at it, why does everyones morning breath smell the same to? Along with thinking about stupid things iv started to try my hand at pop art. I draw a good bit but I never tried pop art. So when I'm done I shall post this up, whether it be good or bad.

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