Monday, April 11, 2011

Season Over

My season is finally over. My mind and body needs a break. It has been a long grind. Since January 1st iv clocked around 1200 miles. Sadly, my season didn't end in a good note. I ran the Great Ireland Run. I wanted sub 31 and ended up in 33. That's not good. I have a few reasons. It was 22 degrees during the race. I know everyone had to do that, but because of CF I lose more salt in my sweat. I was really sweating before, and during. Anyways it doesn't matter. The grind is over and I have other sights in my eyes now.
What was inspiring and great to see is that there was another CF person in the race. Orla Tinsley. I don't think she would mind me saying it, but she was just 3 days out of hospital and ran a 10k race. I'm sure anyone else in her shoes would have milked that fact, but Orla took the bull by the horns, or the CF by the lungs and ran 7 minutes faster then she has ever run before. This just goes to show that anyone with CF can run. So no excuses. Get your shoes on and get out. End of story.
Iv recently started to take magnesium. It can help both athletes and CF people. It help bones and teeth. It improves muscle functioning by helping to relax and contract muscles more efficiently. Also, it helps the natural rhythm of the heart. This is good for anyone with an irregular heart beat, or palpitations. Finally, it helps with the enzymes in the body. You can find it in seeds and nuts, or else in Sonia Megnesium supplement.
Iv had a huge craving for curry chips and a chicken from the chipper. I normally don't eat that sort of food, but guess what im having for dinner tomorrow!!!!!

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