Wednesday, May 18, 2011

God Save The Queen!!!

I shall start of with this picture. This was taken outside Croke Park when we foound out that "foriegn" sports will be played upon the hallowed ground, that is Croker. We cant have non Irish sports played in a palace where the last time a non Irish person barged in onto the pitch was 1916. Unless you are 95 years old, then shut up!! There is one thing about the picture that stands out. Yes, he had the correct spelling of each word. HOWEVER, i would like to point out this mans attire. Not only does he looked like hes on the starting 11 for Celtic, but he has a football jersey on. I might be mistaken, but the F.C in Celtic stands for Football Club. F.C not GAA. You get the point. I would also like to point out that wearing a jersey outside of exercise or going to a match is a fashion disaster. Jesus Christ lads. Stop wearing your stupid looking GAA jerseys/jumpers/Minor or Senior Championship Final polos/Club bags around. Do you think girls like that. Altought i think Irish girls have grown to like it. If you taste olives so many times your going to get a taste for them. So is GAA/Soccor attire an aquired taste. I havent grown to like it, and i dont think i will either. GAA jersyes dont even look nice anyway. Go get yourself a nice straight leg pair of jeans, with nice shoes (not ones that have a horrible sqaure toe) or a pair of nice runners (not running runners. Thats not fashion), and a shirt. Its not "gay" to wear a shirt outside of a formal occasion.
The Queens visit.....God save her, because Irish people wont. Well, 20% of us wont for some strange reason. I think its more then 20%, but its politically correct to say "yes we welcome her". 24 million it cost us to bring her over. What is your point?? Its Irish money, and its going back into you pocket. Its going to be spent in our shops. Full circle. Stop complaining. If we didnt have idiots like my friend in the picture above, then we wouldnt have spent so much on security for her. Stop complaining, and take off your English football jersyes that you wear every weekened when your favourite football team is playing. Hypocricy at its fullest.
On a lighter note. My training. I have a pain in my arse. Not hypothetically, literally. Its either from the way i stand at work or an overuse injury. The person i work with has gone on holidays while im left stranded with a sore arse. Im going over to Portugal again next week to train my arse off. Maybe i wont have a pain in it then. Unlucky for me, i have to spend 4 days there on my own, as my friend (not the one in the picture) booked for the 27th thinking i said the 27th. Infact i said the 23rd. I think i might make a huge sand castle and drink copious amounts of coffee at 80c a cup. I will be watching Home and Away while im at it. I cant get enough of that show. Its amazing to think that there is 5296 episodes of one show.
Its my 25th birthday on friday. A quater century old. According to stats i have exactly 11 years left of life before CF attacks me. Or you could look at it this way. I was told i was going to die at 10, so im plus 15 years ahead of CF. It sounds awful when you put it like that. I dont think about it too much. Its not going to happen. I plan on doing an ultra marathon in my 30s so forget about expiry dates!!! Now and again it does pop into my mind. I wonder what age i will live to? My competitive side says i will outlive that oldest person in the world. Which is 114. I dont even think i would want to be alive at the age. Unless i was Benjamin Buttons, and i could grow young again. Im talking crap so im going to button it like Benjamin.
Anyway, 25 years of age. Not one IV in my arm, and not one CF related hospital vacation. Like my family says every 20th of May. "WE'RE WINNING"!!!!

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