Monday, May 9, 2011

Start From Scratch

It's taken 3 weeks, with endless pain in my Achilles, I have finally found myself in a half state of fitness. Its one thing enjoying a break from running, but the feeling of sand filled bags for legs when starting a new run isn't fun. It's a struggle, and one I dread three times a year.
I got really paranoid during the week. I started coughing during the day. Getting up crap. So it was 9:30 at night and I felt sick. Even tough it was lashing out with thunder storms. I laced my runners up and went on a 7 mile run. Felt amazing after it.
My final Acupuncture exam was on Friday. I know I passed. If I didn't get over 90% I'd be surprised. Cocky or what. : ) . I get to forget about college and start fixing/curing people.
A few things have been really annoying me about the Irish population. Our attitude to other nations is disgusting. The Queen!! GET OVER IT! Ireland is just a less successful version of England. This 6 counties up north IS NOT Ireland. Different currency, different flag, different rules. How is it Ireland? It's not. The UK gave Ireland the chance to buy back the counties. We didn't do it. So stop complaining and shut up. We wouldn't survive if we had those extra 6 counties. Ask this question to anyone who complains about England or the Queen. Did you watch the Royal wedding. Or do you watch the Premiership? Ignorance!
Bin Ladens finding is a feeling of happiness across the world, however, the killing of Bin Laden isn't as happy for others. Myself included. For one, why is it a good thing that a person is murdered? Unarmed? Murder is never good thing. I know many people won't agree and wish the worst for him. Yes, this is true. But for one thing, murder is too easy, amd secondly an eye for an eye makes everyone blind.
This is another thing that really annoys me. Stereotyping. Every Muslim isn't a terrorist. I bet Most peoples impression when they see a Middle Eastern person, they think "terrorist" or something along those lines. It's like when you see a black person in Ireland in a nice car and wonder, "I bet they're getting money off the government and I bet they got that car off the government too". Does anyone actually know of any foreign person getting a car off the government? Im friends with a few Nigerians and when they arrived they got 17.50 from the Government a week. Amd that was after a lengthly process. How can any person survive on 17.50 a week. A homeless person can't even live on that. If every Nigerian, Polish, Russian and any other foreigner in the country left, it would be right to say we would fall flat on our face, even more then we are. Il end on this. A Catholic priest is stereotyped for child abuse. Does this mean ever Catholic is a child abuser???

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