Saturday, May 21, 2011

One Word.....iPad

Actually, one word and a letter. iPad 2. Best thing iv ever owned. I think. Today you see the words of an iPad on your screen!!
It was my 25th birthday yesterday. What brought everything home was the visit to the hospital for some bloods, and a sputum. How wonderful of a birthday gift. Or should i say Birthday deposit. When i say brought everything home, i mean the fact i had to do CF things on my 25th birthday. I didn exactly mind it, apart from petrol money. But i didn't mind that i wasnt actually able to get up a sputum. I think i got about a baby finger sized quantity.
After that i went to work. WHY did i decide to work on my birthday. A self employed man working on his birthday. I do have the answer to that. Theres two answers. 1 - i cant say what will come around the corner so im going to work as much as i can while there is business coming in my direction. 2 - Im going to Portugal (again) on monday, and i wont be really working for 2 weeks. In a way i will be. I end up massaging athletes over there. Olympic athletes from all across Europe, and even on our own land. Ireland. And then im working on the road and trails with running.
While finishing a good days work at 8.30, i had to do a Superman style change, wiithout a phone box. I had a table booked in La Bucca, in Ratoath for 8.30. I did a very quick spin and i was in new clothes. Collected Yas, and we met the rest of my family there. I had a great dinner and great night. The night ended there. Im not one for going out that much. I find it boring. Get drunk, cant hear people when they are talking to you. Eating horrible food at the end of the night and waking up with short term tinitius. I dont drink so maybe thats the main reason. When i came home, i started playing with the ipad, til late hours in the night.
Iv nothing much to say on this post. So i will bid you a good night!!

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