Monday, June 6, 2011

Infection tiiiiiiiime

Looks like I'm a normal CF. I got an infection. I have staph and pseudomonas. The staph is a bad strain. What is very annoying is that the doctors never even told me.
I sent in a sputum on the 20th of may. I asked the bloods to send me out the details of the bloods and sputum. I had to find out myself. This is the 2nd time it happened. The last time I found out that my iron was 2.8. No doctor told me. I had to ring up and ask when where they going to let me know, if I didn't ask for my details I would have found out months down the line. The thing with CF is that we need to act straight away. Not a few weeks later. That's when the infection has already started. I have a stash of zytromax at home. So I put myself on that. I shall ring the hospital tomorrow and give out, secondly, I will compose a letter to be sent into the Spectrum. You can keep a look out to see if they will publish the letter or not, my bets is that they won't.
Enough of the bad stuff. I'm just back from Portugal on a two week eye balls out training camp. 15 miles a day, split into 10 in the morning and 5 in the evening, with an 18 mile run on the Sunday. Calculate that up and see if a lung infection can stop you from running.
When we are in Portugal, we need to occupy the hours between runs with eating, sleeping, some had to study, and anything else can't be too taxing on the energy levels. So what else can we do? We make a rap song!!! I have a passion for making beats and songs. So that's what we did. I'm finalising the song now so I will put it up on YouTube in a few days. It's just a bit of fun.
I got a massage over there. By Jesus it was sore. I was sweating on the table. His response was "everyone feels pain" or "this is good". THAT was not good!!
I was at the Women's Mini Marathon. I didn't see anyone with a CF tshirt on. I know Orla Tinsley had a team out called 1 in 1000. Sadly she didn't run, but I know given half the chance she would have. I was given the best job ever. I got a loud speaker and had to tell people where to go. Myself amd my friend got our hands on these things. The same friend who is on the rap song with me. What else would we do with a loud speaker. Your right, we rapped. We also got HB ice-cream videoing us and it's going up on the site. This is going to be our big break. Hahaha aha.
I'm going to update this tomorrow with a video of a rap and details of what the hospital said.

Over and OUT!

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